Introduction to explaining laboratory results

On this page you can get explanations about results of your blood and urine tests, but also, for example, about BMI (Body Mass Index). We have tried to provide insight in a clear but understandable way. At the same time, this means that this information can never be complete. It is therefore important that if you are not sure about something or want more information about your results, contact your GP or treating specialist.

Many people are fixated on laboratory results, such as blood, urine. Many, if a result is not within normal values, see this as a sign that something is not right. Also if a value changes, a value that is even between normal values they may feel unhappy about it. And often the higher the result, think of your Hb, the better people think it is.

An example the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is roughly between 20 and 25 for men. If it is above it than that man/woman would be overweight (overweight, obese) and below it would be underweight (underweight, anorexic). Body Builders often have a BMI of 30 or more and so far outside the normal values that the conclusion could be "way overweight". But since we know that a Body Builder is one hunk of muscle, it is clear that his/her BMI cannot fall within the normal values. The fat content could be only 4% instead of a "normal" 11%-18% (depending on age).

Therefore, it is always important to see the full picture. The human being as a whole, it is called holistic medicine. All doctors are trained to see the human being as a whole and not just a result of a blood test. Medimark doctors always look at the human being as a whole.

It is also important to know that every laboratory that determines blood values and urine values has and uses its own normal values, which is of course confusing, but our doctors at Medimark see the difference immediately.

Again if you are not sure always contact your GP or medical specialist.

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